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Why do you want to use Direct Response Marketing and Advertising?

To start, I must quote Drayton Bird because few years ago he defined why he thought anybody with any sense would think direct marketing a good idea.
Drayon came up with these three reasons and they hit the nail on the head.

  1. Why speak to everybody when you only need to speak to somebody?
  2. Why guess when you can know?
  3. Why not spend your money where it does most good?

This IS marketing that is measureable and accountable. And, more importantly, IT WORKS.

It's the kind of marketing that get your message, your offer and your deadline in front of hot buyers.

Simply stated, Direct Response Marketing is created and implemented to solicit an immediate, specific and quantifiable direct response.

Now, every direct Response Marketing campaign must have these 5 elements:

  • A clear target
  • A headline to attract immediate attention
  • An offer
  • Sufficient information for the consumer to make a decision whether to act
  • An explicit "call to action"
  • An easy means of response (typically multiple options such as a toll free number, web page, and email.)

Infomercials, Direct Mail Campaign and Email Marketing Campaigns are all methods of direct response advertising.

So, as you start your Marketing Plan, look right for the list of Marketing tactics that produce real measurable results for you.


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