Direct Response Marketing


10-Around Marketing

Use by many businesses that market and sell in neighborhoods. Roofers, carpet cleaners, HVAC contractors and many more businesses.

After you have a sale and the project is complete, your sales staff leaves  door hangers or sends postcards or letters to neighbors, 5 on each side and across the street.

The marketing piece mentions that you have just done work for their neighbors and are now offering you a neighborhood discount or other door-opening offer.

I've one client, a roofer, that gets a list of neighboring homes from Bresser's Information Services and mails offers to several blocks from the client offering discount or free inspection offers. Works like a charm with up to a 23% response.

Add 10-arounds to your neighborhood marketing plans.

They take some planning so get started today.

Budget: Design & Printing: $750 - $5,000 depending on how many you print. Distribution: $100 - $250 week