Direct Response Marketing


Telemarketing Scripts

Telemarketing scripts are pre-written responses to most questions that a prospect may ask about your products/services. No matter what sort of selling you do (real estate, advertising, car sales, cold calling) the trick is to be armed and ready with great comebacks and rebuttals! A script can be for an outgoing or incoming phone conversation.

A good script can be a smart tool for both inside and outside sales. The script is your anchor, the tool that can either make or break a sale.

There's an art and science to any telemarketing script. The science part is the introduction and all the FTC rules. The art is capturing someone's attention fast. Keep in mind; someone is not sitting by the phone waiting for your call. It's very likely you interrupted whatever they were doing.

For any script to be successful, you must first establish what your goal will be. If the goal is to get an appointment with the prospect, then your script must be written in such a way that you will have a reasonable chance of getting an appointment.

If the goal is to sell a product or a service, then the script must be written in that context, remembering that it is extremely difficult to sell over the telephone to a prospect that has never heard of you or your company.

Always avoid pressure tactics, you can’t convince anyone of anything. If it's a bad time, most telemarketing professionals emphasize trying to set a callback time so that the customer can anticipate a return call.

Keep your telephone pitch quick. In most cases, people aren't going to stay on the phone too long. Any pitch beyond three minutes is too long.

There are many proven sources for creating sales scripts. you'll be wise to add some budget to your marketing plans, somewhere between $500 - $750 quarterly for the creation and updating of your sales scripts


Budget: $500 - $2,500 one time plus monthly updates of $100 - $300