Direct Response Marketing


Door-To-Door marketing

Door-to-door selling is calling at each house, apartment, store, business etc. in an area, in order to deliver, sell, or ask for something.

Door-to-door selling can be a great way to get to introduce a new business.

In fact, I got a call from a Costco sales rep, who wanted to come over with free stuff. I said yes because I wanted to see how Costco marketed there local store. It was Door-to-door selling at it's best.

Pick an office building and go from office to office handing out flyers for your new products and services. Or hand our actual products.

Recently, a new catering business moved into the strip mall attached to my office. Within a few week they knocked on my door offering hot samples of the a few of the appetizers they offered for business events.

Instead of selling the actual product at the door, which can be a tough sel, all you have to do is sell a "gift certificate" for the product instead.

For example, you could sell a gift certificate for almost any products and services.

I personally have purchased gift certificates for golfing, restaurant meals, and frozen chicken breasts at my door.

You will run into a few people who won’t be happy you're going door-to-door, but don’t despair. The sales that can be generated from going door-to-door as part of your marketing plan can easily offset a few upset people.

Budget: a few hours a week; $100 - $250 a week