Direct Response Marketing


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great way of saying “Thank You” to clients, employees and trusted suppliers.

It’s also a perfect reward to someone who’s done something nice for you.

Showing your appreciation is always appreciated.

Another way to build Gift Certificates into your marketing planscan be as an ethical bribe to get testimonials and referrals from clients. Use them as an enticement. A motivator.  A way to get your clients to provide you with testimonials and referrals.

Dependable Roofer, a client of mine has a referral reward program where anyone who refers a new client that end up hiring them to do their roofing get a Visa or MC gift certificate for $250 that they can use anywhere. It puts the power of choice into the gift. That's because your recipient—not you—makes the final choice what to buy with your gift.

Gift certificates can also be used to get people to do business with you again.

Simply plan on giving out instore certificates after someone buys from you giving them a free Gift certificate for your products & services is smart marketing. It’s almost as good as cash. People will feel obligated to come back and use the Gift certificate, or they will fell they are throwing away money.

And, give out coupons, certificates and rewards to clients for them to give to friends, family or other people they feel may want what you are offering.

Budget $50 - $150 a week