Direct Response Marketing


Business Dollars

Business dollars, business bucks or fun money are marketing bucks to get your clients coming back for more.

Find a graphic designer to help you create and give away business dollars that look a bit like real cash.  Use them as a reward for doing business with you.

Use  business bucks to generate referrals.

One client we created Business Bucks for, in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100. They were handed to the after the sale to use in the future or to passed on to a friend. I they passed them on to a friend, they would also receive the same discount the next time they made a purchase.

Of course we dated the  business bucks to expire within 90 days.
Human nature dictates that if the client didn’t use them, they would be throwing away money.
Any knowone like to throw away business bucks.

Business Bucks make a great low-cost addition to any advertising and marketing campaign. Plan on creating and using them to get your clients coming back to spend more money at your business.

Budget: Creative (design & production)  $100 - 250; Printing: $250 - $500