Direct Response Marketing



Almost everyone loves valuable free stuff.
And it's even more fun to give-a-way free stuff.

Some people don’t even care if something is valuable.
Just walk through Costco, people line up to sample free food.


Because it’s free.

What can you add as a free give-a-way to your marketing plan to get future clients to try out your products/services?

What can you add to your products/services as free bonuses? Marketing give-a-way’s added to your products/services enhance your offer by adding far more value they the products/services themselves. Test different give-a-ways. Some will be perceived more valuable then others and lead to additional sales.

Never give-a-way free stuff that you can’t sell.
If people won’t buy what you are giving away, they probably don’t see the value and won’t see the value in what you are giving away.

What can you give away. Or how can you partner with other entreprenuers, make a deal to give away each others value to help each other out.

Budget: $250 - $500 a month