Direct Response Marketing


Bumpy Mail

The key is to get your mailings opened. Sending “bumpy” mail also called "Lumpy Mail," "Dimensional Mail" or a small box or tube will go a long way of insuring that your mailing gets opened.

What is it about lumpy mail that makes it so engaging? Well, it all starts with simple human nature: We all love getting gifts. Add a little curiosity and no wonder the package gets opened. Right after "Ooh, a gift for me?" comes "I wonder what's inside. …" The best part is, "You get this little box in the mail and it sits on top of the stack of mail, and people are going to say, 'Gee, who sent me this?' So they open it up and, boom, you got 'em reading with curiosity.

I have mailed envelopes that included treasure chests, aspirin, Band-Aids, sponges, and Rubik’s cubes in packages and envelopes.

A well-written bumpy letter will almost always get to your targeted prospect. And it will almost always get opened.

But, be careful and check with your post office. I once mailed a #9 business envelope with a set of fake teeth in it and all the envelopes came back. Why? To thick, and the post office wanted more money to mail it, so I had to put on more stamps.

Smart marketers are plumping up their direct mail pieces to make them more creative, more memorable and measurably more effective.

Here are a few more bumpy mail ideas:

    • Attached candy bars to notes and send to prospects stating that you wanted to get the relationship started off right by offering them $100,000. The candy bar was--you guessed it--a $100K bar
    • Crumple up letter then smooth it back out and re-mail with a post it note saying "I found this in the trash and just wanted to offer you a second chance.
    • Sent out a letter or large envelope with giant plastic scissors with a note that reads. “Are you tired of cutting...?
    • Send die with a note saying, “Are you gambling with...
    • Send a letter with nuts asking “Are You Nuts?
    • If you’ve lost a client, send a small boomerang with the message “We really want you back” or a compass with the message, “Shall we send out the search party?”
    • How about adding a baby pacifier to the envelope. Include the message “you’ll sleep like a baby knowing your _____ will be taken care if... Guaranteed!”
    • “Your marketing response will soar when you discover the 7 secrets to successful marketing” Simply put a small airplane gilder in your next mailing

By the way, you can find most of these items and a lot more in your local dollar store. 

They are also adding bumpy mail to their marketing mix, plans and calendar.

Typically they budget: $500 - $5,000 a month depending on total makreting budget