Direct Response Marketing


Door Hangers

Door hanger marketing - distributing literature door-to-door has some major advantages over other forms of marketing. It can be a very inexpensive way to advertise, and the cost of the door hangers shouldn't be much more than you would pay for a few hundred business cards.

Door Hangers are the first mail your prospect sees upon arriving home.

Door Hanger marketing allows you to pinpoint your audience.
For example, if you sell roofing, you can deliver your door hangers just to the homes whose roof look worn out. Or if you sell renters insurance, you can target your door hangers to specific apartment complexes. Or, if you perform landscape services, you can target your door hangers to neighboring homes who do not currently use your services.

Door hangers and door hanger bags with flyers or sell sheet inserts are the single most important method of neighborhood marketing as they are a unique and high-profile way to deliver your message to your market.

Many businesses, by having Door hangers included in their marketing plans have achieved a high response from using door hangers along with a 10-around marketing

Budget: Design $100 - $250; Printing: $250 - $500