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Fax Broadcasting

Fax broadcasting is sending the same message by fax to multiple recipients, one after another or having a computer system send them all at once.

Fax broadcasting has many advantages. Faxing is fast and easy. No more bills from the printer and direct mail houses. No more stuffing envelopes.

Typically you simply email your files or use a desktop/Web solution to upload your document. And the system takes care of the rest. A single fax costs just pennies! No more postage costs. And you pay only for the faxes that gets delivered!

WARNING: Fax broadcast marketing is illegal in some states to people or businesses who you don't have a relationship with. The law states something like unsolicited faxing for the purpose of selling or promoting goods or services is forbidden, and can get you a fine of $500 to $1500 on a state and on a federal level.

With that said, be careful and check the laws before broadcast faxing to strangers.
In fact, here's a link to the FCC rules:

Here's away around the fax laws. Send an exclusive personalized fax to the wrong recipient's fax making an offer within their industry that they would love.
Send a Fax ONLY for announcing social messages for the purpose of helping someone, but absolutely no promotion for your service or product.”

Fax broadcasting is worth putting in your marketing plans. It's low cost, easy to pull off and can be profitable.

Budget: for a 1,000 fax broadcast; Writng and design $250 - $750; broadcasting $75

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