Direct Response Marketing


Three-Step Mailings

A rule of thumb in direct mail, including email, says that if you send a letter three times it will double response.

For instance if you mail the first time and get a 2% response, you’ll get 4% out of 3 mailings. So if you don’t mail the 2nd or 3rd time you’re leaving half of your response (and profits) on the table.  


Because people are busy and may not respond the first time they see your message. How many times have your received an offer in the mail or an email—the phone rang and you got sidetracked—and immediately forgot about it?

That is exactly the reason you create a sequence of timed mailings. Because the reader may have been interested and needs a reminder, or a firm kick in the butt. Building your offer. Adding more and more to sweeten the pot to the point that the reader would be crazy to not respond.

Three step marketing takes planning. you'll need a list to mail your offer to. you'll need to write, edit, design, produce, print and distribute your marketing campaign. It work, and worth every cent if its done right. Do it wrong and you have just wasted a ton of your marketing budget.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 quarterly