Direct Response Marketing


Cooperative Direct Mail Marketing

There are several companies (Valpak, Money Mailer) that send bulk mailings (cooperative direct mail) on a periodic basis. Every consumers received their share of these. The advantage is cost (including postage) and convenience (to you).

The disadvantage is being part of a crowd, little or no control over the list and possibly restrictions on what the offer can look like. Minimally, see if optical exclusivity is a possibility.

Valpak mails to qualified, precisely defined audiences through trademarked Neighborhood Trade Areas of about 10,000 households. You can choose to be included in any number of areas that work for you. allows advertisers to extend their marketing citywide via the Internet.
Consumers can print coupons for businesses in their local area. For a fee, one of these could be from your office.

Solo Values gives you the option of mailing your offer individually using Valpak marketing and mailing services.

Valpak offers help in every aspect of your campaign, including design, printing and consumer research.

In nine of 10 households, someone opens the blue Valpak's envelope and sorts through the roughly 40 coupons it contains, said Valpak spokeswoman Deanne Willsey. More than eight of 10 people who examine the coupons set at least one aside, "showing their intent to use them."

Bulk mailing can save you a ton of postage, but only if your target audiance is on the mailing list. These mailing are geared more toward business to consumers. Mostly homewners and some businesses that land in the same areas.

Budget: $350 - $2,500 per month or quarter