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Build List of Clients Suppliers

Lists are simply a collection of your clients, prospects and suppliers contact information including address,  e-mail address and other details, such as their names, company name, title, URL and any other information your need.

They’re created so that you have instant access to clients, prospects, and anyone else who you want to contact in the future.

Creating a list is, in theory, quite simple. You just ask people for their details. But in practice that’s rarely enough. Don’t be shy.  Ask for what you want.  Don’t be scared of offending somebody by asking them to sign up for your list and to buy your products. Here’s some offline and online techniques that have proven to work:

  • Ask clients and prospects for their contact info. Let them know that are signing up on an exclusive list for pre public sales.

  • Make Sign-up easy throughout your Website: Post a subscribe link or box on every page of your site. You never know from which page someone will enter your site. Having a link or signup box on most pages will increase your chances for new signups.

  • Give away a free sign up bonus: Giving something away free is a good incentive to get online signups. It can be an e-book or special report that is geared to the topic of your site and business. If you set up a download page, you can make it all automatic so that you don't have to keep sending the freebie out.

Lists are the life blood fo your business. You can replace inventory, buildings etc., but it tought to replace your client list.

Make sure you back it up regulary and keep it in a safe recoverable place.

In fact you would be wise to add list building and backup to your advertising and marketing plans.

Budget: $150 - 50 a week for management of your lists.

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