Direct Response Marketing


B2B Sales Lead Generation

Do you need more qualified sales leads?

A funnel full of sales leads is a great feeling for any business. It means marketing is working, feeding the sales team with qualified sales lead.

But, what happened when the sales leads dry up? Time to crank up the business-to-business (B2B) sales lead marketing machine. Your Aim: The right prospects to target. The right offers. The right media. The right timing.

The hard part is generating more qualified, sales-ready leads, faster and at the lowest possible cost. That’s where real expertise is required.

A great way to generate leads is to offer a free report on a hot topic in your market. First, focus on getting the contact information of your prospects. Then, you can automatically follow up with a slow drip marketing systems to convert the sales leads into profits.

Marketing materials and sales messages should answer the following questions when targeting B2B buyers:

  • What will this product/service do for us?
  • How will it help me do my job and fulfill my responsibilities?
  • How will this product/service solve my problems, pains, and challenges?
  • How does this product/service compare (or how is it compatible) to others that we have used or use now (either internally or externally)?
  • How will staff use it or benefit from it?
  • How will it change our workflow?
  • How will this change my own job? (will it improve it, or will it maybe even eliminate my job at some point?)

Here are a few marketing ideas to generate B2B sales leads

  • Newsletters (both print and email)
  • Networking
  • Cold Calling
  • Lunch and Learns
  • White papers or informative special reports
  • Articles in trade journals, magazines, or newspapers.
  • Fact Sheets and FAQs. These are normally in print, but can also be produced in electronic formats (such as web pages or PDF files).
  • Case studies that have measurable ROI results

 Where are you going to find sales leads?

Budget: $150 - 1,000 Weekly