Direct Response Marketing


Audio CDs

Audio CD’s and MP3’s are great media to distribute your company information describing all the benefits of your products/services. Include features, clients case studies and testimonials, success stories and a from the heart message from the president of the company.

You can put just about any information you what future clients to learn about your company.

The best part, many people will listen to your audio marketing message while driving their automobile. Thus, you have their undivided attention, a captive audiance, listening to your sales pitch and learning about your products, services and ideas, uninterrupted. A rare occurrence in today busy world.

Take advantage of using audio CD's and add them to your marketing and advertising plans.
You'll be amazed how well they inform, motivate and persuade the listener to take further action.

Audio CD's can be low-cost or expensive depending on how you product them. In-house or an outside service.

Budget: development $500 - $2,000; production & distribution $250 - 500 a month