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Before and After Photos Demos

Before & After Photo’s/Demo’s - Someone unfamiliar with a product, process or service may be unable to visualize the end benefits from specifically purchasing your service. 

Before and after photos or demonstrations teach people how to work with an agreed upon solution and gives them confirmation of the effectiveness of your solution. Your prospects will see visual confirmation that the claims you make are real and justified.  

I think we are most familiar with photos about a weight loss and fitness product. How about plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and and tattoo removal? Before and after photos or demonstrations works for lots of different industries too. How about your business?

Worth the Effort

Many businesses can benefit from before and after photos. For example roofer, landscaper or window company show how the howmowners or buildings property is greatly improved with inceased value. These photo offer proof and builds confidence that you do good work.

Other than a few hundred dollars spent on a digital camera, printer ink, and CD-ROM discs, the cost of creating that “wow” is minimal for the company, which can then use the photos in past work portfolios and also uploading select before-and-after photos to your Web site to serve as a marketing tool.

When making a before and after demonstration, it is best practice to document what really happens. Often, people will use two closely looking images to portray what happens before and after. One will lose all credibility if the claims you are making and documenting are too outlandish or unjustified by the evidence presented.

Here are some tips when doing before and after photos:

  • Get a written system in place. During your first meeting with a prospect try to work in taking a “Before” photo! Here's the best part, it will help get more commitment from your prospect
  • Stand in the same place when you took the “Before” photo for the “After” photo.
  • Use a before and after photos in your email marketing marketing materials and on your website.
  • Print your photos out and put in a portfolio or album.
  • Make showing the “before & after” album part of your sales presentation. Then the client’s will ask to be included.
  • Make sure you get permission from your clientto use their photos for marketing your business. You don’t want to share more information that they are willing to reveal.
  • If your customer is willing to write a note that can be included with the photos, your visual testimonial can be even stonger.
  • Caption all before and after photos with date, time and description of whats b

How can you use “Before & After” photos in your marketing materials to visually explain the benefits your products and services you provide? Have you already done it? Tell me how!?!

Budget: $500 - $1,000 quarterly