Direct Response Marketing


Mass Transit Marketing

A bus ad, also called a mass transit advertising includes signs on commuter buses and trains and at bus terminials and train stations.

Signs on the outside of buses will be seen by drivers and pedestrians for only a few seconds.

Bus ads can be used to increase frequency and compliment other marketing campaigns.
Outdoor advertising can also be purchased for a short time period to coincide with and reinforce an marketing campaigns.

Signs inside buses and trains (and at stations) are read by the riders.
They are a captive audience with not much else to do.
These inside signs are different than the signs on the outside because they can contain much more information.
They can also have a "take one" add-on including a tear-off coupon or reply post cards, or an offer to get people to your website.

Many times a marketer will attach holders containing literature.
This direct response marketing tactic feature makes precise measurement of ad campaign's effectiveness feasible.
Another advantage of this marketing tactic is that it almost exclusively reaches working commuters who are all taxpayers.

As with planning any advertising or marketing campaign, it is wise to conduct a limited test before making a major commitment. Test your message using Google Adwords & Bing see what headlines work before getting your mass transit advertising printed.

Budget: Ad creation - $500 - $2,500 Media: $1,000 - $20,000 monthly