Direct Response Marketing


Direct Mail-Piggyback

Direct mail Piggy-Back mailing are used by smart Chamber, association, group and barter organization members who are offered the opportunity to mail a flyer promoting their business to all other members.  For a nominal fee, you can plan on getting your advertising message to important decision makers by direct mail.  

Another Direct mail Piggyback mailing technique is to put a flyer with in an invoice. Add flyers to any package you are shipping out. Make sure your flyer contains a cross-sell, up-sell or any other offer that may just spark the next sale.

You'll love this one. I wish I could remember were I found it to give the person credit....
They created and launched a direct mail program for clients.

Using a "piggy-back" strategy. The first postcard...a beautiful 6x9 postcard that targeted runners...was sent to a list of approximately 1,000 road, track and cross-country runners in one state in the Northeast. The client received a 1.1% response rate…about average.

Now, Here's the piggyback part... sent next was the exact same postcard, crumpled up and flattened. We stuffed them in envelopes with a simple sticky note that said, "Please don't throw this out again.
We're trying to save you up to 20% on your running shoes, apparel and accessories. Yours truly..."
Would you believe they got a 4.2% return! Well, they did. They also got a couple of customers who wondered how we knew that they'd thrown it kidding.

Piggy back direct mail works, plus it rides along free.

Budget: $50 - $759 weekly