Direct Response Marketing


Service Due Reminders

Service due reminders work by getting customers back to purchase again and again.

Plus, you endear yourself to that client because you are being helpful by reminding them of service due.

As an example: remember the last time you had an oil change for your car? Was a sticker was placed on your windshield as a reminder to change your oil after 3.000 miles or a specific date?

Ever receive a post card from your dentist reminding you to schedule your 6-month checkup?
How about an email that your subscription to your favorite magazine was about to expire?
You get the idea.

Now, what reminders can you send your clients?

How much do you think they’ll add to your bottom line profits?
I gotta tell you…It’s far less costly to get an existing client to buy again then trying to get a new client.

A low-cost service reminder could be as simple as mailing a postcard, sending an email or picking up the phone and making a quick service remindercall.

You'll be amazed how much service reminder are appreciated by your clients because they have busy lives and forget easily. They be happy you reminded them about an upcoming product or service they will soon need.

Budget: $50 - $200 weekly