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Thank You Cards

Sending a Thank You Card when someone makes a purchase from you is an excellent place to start a long lasting customer relationship.

Also, send a "Thank You" card when an employees does something great. Or a supplier bends over backwards for you.

Sending a Thank You card is a great way to show your appreciation when a colleague refers you to someone who may need your services.

As you know, It's always important to acknowledge the kindness of others.

You can never say “Thank You” enough to your clients, future clients, employees or suppliers.

Smart marketers always keep Thank You cards at the ready to personalize and mail. There are a wide variety of cards are available at your local card and gift shop, it is hardly sufficient to merely sign them.

Some thought and effort must go into a Thank You card in order to truly express your gratitude.

Ultimately, your choice of wording in a thank you note should genuinely reflect your own personal appreciation for the gift or gesture. If you get stuck, try to think of what YOU would want said to you if you were receiving the note. Then start writing your thanks!

By planning ahead and doing "Thank You" card marketing, the recipeint will know you appreciate what they do.

Budget: $5-50 weekly

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