Direct Response Marketing


Free Gifts

This technique involves giving away free gifts as an incentive to purchase your product.

Your free gift can be related to the product you are selling, such as giving away a free football with your new, patented quarterback throwing technique device. However, it doesn’t need to be a related product.

You can work out a joint promotional agreement with a manufacturer and give away their product or provide a coupon for their product with the purchase of your product.

Another simple way to do it is to give away one of your other products with the purchase of your new product. Or, you can simple give away relatively cheap promotional items with the purchase of your product.

The point is that you are offering your customers a free gift that has a high perceived value to entice them to buy your product. Many times, multiple free gifts are piled on as bonuses to help increase the value of the complete offer.

Many free gifts can be low cost such as a free report, guide or small gift.

Budget: $250 - $1,500 monthly