Direct Response Marketing


Product Launch Campaign

A product launch means you have a new product that is ready to purchased by consumers and you have a master plan to make them aware of it and available to them.

If you are launching a new product or service, prior to doing so, you need a solid campaign plan to make a large impact that ensures your target market and customers are aware of your product and what it can do for them.

You have to make them want your product and feel like that must have it.

An effective product launch can accomplish that goal. Public Relations is key in your launch plan. It is also very cost effective.

You must make the media aware on a local, regional and national scale. Press releases must be written and distributed to the media.

There are several tools to make these documents available on a national scale for minimal cost. In addition, be sure to have all your other marketing tools ready for the launch: corporate identity, website, collateral materials, etc.


Budget: Corporate Identity - $2500 - $5000

               Website - $1500 - $5000

               Collateral Materials - $2500 - $10000

               PR Campaign - $5000 - $20000

               Advertising Campaign - $10000 and up, depending on market segment