Planning Ideas

Who else know a marketing plan is critical for the development of a successful profitable business?

The following list of marketing tactic categories gives you an indication of the marketing you should be doing in order to create an achievable marketing plan.

Typically, the large multi-national companies will spend many months and millions on this and hold many, many internal meetings to debate the options.

Smaller companies like you should at the very least consider using these proven marketing tactics to create a Fast Marketing Plan.

Each category below and in the PLANNING IDEAS drop down menu to the left (they are the same information) present umpteen Proven Marketing Tactics.
Each Marketing Tactic including a detailed description and some offer suggested marketing budgets. Plus some of the marketing tactics include links to help kick that tactic into fast action. Please read these important marketing descriptions and use them in your upcoming marketing plans and calendar

Members of Fast Marketing Plan choose which elements of the marketing mix are most appropriate for business, products services and ideas. 
Members also create detailed action marketing plan including the period for each tactic, number of time to do that marketing tactic and the budget per tactic.

You’ll love the fact that you can create as many marketing plans & calendars
for as many businesses, products, services and ideas you can every possibly need.

So, take a few minutes, check out the of the marketing tactics and if you are not a member you might want to join now and become a member because the benefits are never ending.

To Your Continued Success
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Fast Marketing Plan

Marketing Tactic Categories with Detailed Descriptions and Definitions:

Direct Response Marketing
Internet Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Public Relations & Events
Sales & Selling
Special Categories
Marketing Tips

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