Direct Response Marketing


Birthday Cards

What makes Birthday Card marketing different?

As you know, direct mail is extremely effective in reaching 100% of your target audience. The trick is getting your envelope opened and read, not tossed! How many people are going to throw out a Birthday Card without looking at it?

Its pretty much guarantee a birthday card gets opened, remembered and appreciated…What other marketing tactic offers that?... NONE.
It’s not considered “junk mail” because your targeted audience receive it only once per year!

Keep this in mind, it’s important. The national direct mail redemption rates are between 1%-3%. What if this Birthday Card marketing strategy could double or triple that? A 5% open rate would deliver thousands of different people to your business annually.

Here are a few ways to use Birthday Card marketing.

  • Collect the birthdays, name and contact information of your retail store clients. Ask them to sign-up to receive free birthday offers. Who can resist?
  • Ask your client their birth date in casual conversation, write down and send them a heartfelt birthday card on the most special day of the year for them, their birthday. I guarantee you are their only supplier sending birthday cards. I’ve been doing it for years and my client’s always appreciate the birthday card.
  • All this for a couple three bucks a birthday card!

The hardest part - picking out the perfect card for your client.

While you are creating your marketing plans add running to the store to pick up a dozen or more birthday cards to keep on hand. Then when a clients birthday rolls around your have a few cards to choose from.

Budget: $100 - $500 a year