Direct Response Marketing


Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail postcards are one of the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to promote just about any business?


Because you can get your message to a targeted group of prospects or to your existing customers for a cost of about 25 to 33 cents each including postage. You can actually send someone a postcard every 30 days for only $3 a year.

Add direct mail postcards to your advertsising and marketing plans to generate sales leads, create sales, ask prospects to give you a try or convince existing customers to buy more or buy more often.

Direct mail postcards are low cost and they work.

And the best part... when they arrive they read by more people then a typical letter because they are open and easy to read as they cross many hands trying to reach the addressee. Let's face it we are nosy voyeurs and curious creatures who will look at most anything put in front of us.

Plus direct mail postcards offer trackable Results!

Direct mail postcards makes it easy to track your return on investment – every business needs to secure the best ROI possible in these challenging economic times. With direct mail postcard marketing you can code your mail pieces to determine the exact number of responses you received from each campaign using different offers, incentives and lists.

Once you know what worked and what didn’t, you can immediately start to “tweak” your message to increase your response rate.

Budget: $247 - 997 a month

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