Direct Response Marketing


Printed Reports

A printed report is a formal document that is written for a variety of purposes, generally to deliver specific information to you employees, suppliers, clients and prospects.

Generally, a report conveys information and (sometimes) recommendations from a researcher who has investigated a topic in detail.

Printed reports are words printed on paper and distributed many different ways. Through the United States Postal Service (USPS), handed out directly to employees, suppliers, clients and prospects, or simply posted on your website to be donwloaded, printed and read by the visitor.

It should be noted that reports are considered to be legal documents in the workplace and, thus, they need to be precise, accurate and difficult to misinterpret.

Printed reports can be used to market your products, services and ideas by providing valuable information to help the reader malke an informed decision.

Printed reports take time, planning and effort to write, develop and print. So, allow yourself and your team enough time to get all the above tasks completed. Sometime is makes more sense to hire an outside service to help you create your printed reports. Either way, adding printed reports to you marketing and advertising mix is a smart way to inform, educate and distribute valuable information about your products, services and ideas.

Budget: $500 - $2,500 per quarter.