Direct Response Marketing


Marketing On Hold

Marketing on hold or Message on hold (MOH) refers to the business practice of playing pre-recorded voice message (sometime music) to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers that have been placed on hold.

Most MOH systems are integrated into a businesses telephone system via an audio jack on the telephone equipment or an enhancement from your telephone service provider.
The source of the voice message is usually from a digital file such as an AIF or MP3.

Marketing on hold is a unique marketing device offering an effective way to enhance and refine your company's image, as well as a way to directly appeal to your target market like no other form of advertising.

When you put your customers on-hold, don't make them listen to just anything - have them listen to an entertaining and informative message about your company. Plan on educating and making a product or service offer to the listener.

Or even better, give them a choice of what they want message they want to hear.
Press 2 to discover…
Press 3 to reveal…
Press 4 to profit… You get the idea.
And the best part is, you can deliver a no pressure sales pitch.
The listener can hang up at any time or listen for as long as they are getting value form your message.

Why not deliver an intriguing message rather then old boring music?

Budget: $100 - $200 a month for message recording and a message delivery system