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Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is perfect for eliciting employee communications or customer comments.

A suggestion box is a great device for obtaining additional comments, questions, and requests.

A suggestion box is the most basic and traditional form of marketing.

It simply a receptacle with an opening, not unlike an offering box or voting box used to encourage suggestions & comments.

The box is used for collecting slips of paper with input from customers and patrons of a particular organization. Suggestion boxes may also exist internally, within an organization, such as means for garnering employee input.

The suggestions you get from clients can be very valuable. They will offer suggestions for product and service improvements. But most important, these suggestions can lead to new sources of cash flow and income for your business that you have never thought of.

One thing to consider is whether suggestions should remain anonymous.  Obviously, it'd be nice if you could see a complaint and immediately address the issue by talking to somebody.  On the other, people probably wouldn't be using the suggestion box if they wanted to chat.

Your clients will teach you exactly how to sell them by the comment they make.

Now think about how you can add and use a suggestion box in your marketing and business plans. Discover how easy it really is to find out how and waht people think of your products, services and ideas.

Budget: $25 - $75 weekly for sorting, managing and databasing the ideas and suggestions


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