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Surveys are a data collection techniques designed to collect useful information from a large number of subjects.

Surveys may include polls, mailed or emailed questionnaires, telephone interviews, or face-to-face interviews.

Typically a survey is a detailed study of a market, market segment or geographical area to gather data on attitudes, impressions, opinions, satisfaction level, etc., by polling a section of the population.

Surveys ask questions of possible new markets about new or existing products, services and ideas before spending excessive  sums of money on marketing.

Questions are asked of a population segment or target audience about the viability and saleability of your products, services and ideas. Thus reducing costs or mistakes creating an offer that would never be positively received.

What Consumer surveys can tell you:

  • The demographics of your target audience, including: age, gender, income, marital status, educational level and leisure activities
  • Why people make certain purchasing decisions
  • When and where people shop
  • If people have a need for your product or service
  • If there is an untapped market for your product or service
  • Current awareness of your brand versus your competitors'
  • People's buying habits


What Online Marketing Surveys Can Do For You:

Online marketing surveys can help you find a host of valuable information. From measuring consumer behavior to understanding brand awareness, online marketing surveys are a must for any B2B or B2C company or organization that values the opinions of consumers and the marketplace at large. Online marketing surveys make it simple to gather vital information about:

  • New marketing opportunities
  • Market trends
  • Current awareness of your brand versus your competitors'
  • People's buying habits
  • Demographics
  • The probability of current customers becoming repeat purchasers
  • Your customers' future needs and wants

Having this type of survey data at your finger tips will help you speed up your marketing decisions, save you time and money, plus help you feel more confident about your marketing plans.

Budget: $250 - $500 quarterly

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