Direct Response Marketing


Voice Mail Broadcasting

Voice Mail Broadcasting also known as robocalls, voice mail blast, automated voice mail is the coordinated, automated delivery of recorded spoken word messages to a home, business or mobile phone, sent in mass, for the purpose of conveying important information or a marketing message.

Send your voice message broadcast to 100 or as many as 1,000,000 recipients per day.

The proactive use of Voice Mail Broadcasting is typically used to motivate a set group of consumers or clients to perform a particular action (buy a product, call or go to a website for more info), or to develop or enhance a product or company's brand image or position in the market.

The reason voice broadcasting is so cost-effective, is that you pay only for successfully left messages. Dependant on what you want your voice broadcasting to do,  Voice Broadcasting Service can be programmed to automatically search out answering machines and voice mail boxes ONLY, or "live" people ONLY...or even a combination of BOTH. 

Targeting your selected database, leaving a powerful personalized message from your company.

When Voice Broadcast messages are left on an answering systems, they are always received and your entire message is heard 100% of the time.

Voice Broadcasting messages are an actual digital recording, perfected with a custom-tailored, professionally recorded script. Since your message is digitally recorded, there is never any change in the message delivery's a perfect message every single time!

And, Voice Broadcasting totally eliminates the usual resistance people have toward "live telemarketers".

Voice Broadcasting has been proven to yield up to 3 times the response rate of direct mail or telemarketing campaigns. The majority of the time people hang-up on telemarketers before they ever get a chance to deliver their message.

Voice Mail broadcasting is much less intrusive than a "live" telemarketer, therefore people are much more receptive to your sales message. Your voice broadcast sales message will get heard in its entirety 100% of the time!

Plan on using Voice mail broadcasting to market your because it is much less intrusive, therefore people are much more receptive to your message.

Budget: $250 - $750 per month