Public Relations

Public Relations

One way to look at Public Relations is to think of it as the opposite of advertising. In advertising, you pay to place ads or promotional materials regarding your product or service in places where they will be seen or heard by potential customers.

Public Relations focuses on gaining free press coverage regarding your product or service in the media.
Reporters write about or create radio or TV segments about your product or service based on information they have received or researched.

Public Relations can be one of the least expensive ways to reach your target audience in a way that ads cannot. Because they are written by a third party, articles or broadcast pieces are often viewed as more credible than ads that you paid to have placed. Articles are typically remembered far longer than ads would be and depending on their placement, can greatly increase the credibility of your business in general.

Public Relations pieces often feed on themselves. If your local TV station does a story about your company, it may be picked up nationally or even by an international wire service spreading the message to a far wider audience. Reporters also use competitive media outlets to learn about new trends or products. Get covered in one major publication and you’re much more likely to be covered by others.

Events are another way to create positive public relations for your company, product or service. Participate in and sponsor charity events. Arrange a launch party for a new offering. Offer Seminars to share your expertise in your field. With any of these events, make sure to publicize through multiple press releases and advertising to drive traffic to the event.

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