Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is known by many names: i-marketing, online marketing, web marketing or eMarketing. This category covers any marketing of your business, product or service over the Internet and is the most rapidly growing marketing category.

Internet Marketing has several advantages:

  • Internet Marketing is typically very efficient
  • Internet Marketing is very timely – you can easily change an image or offer every week, day or even hour just by changing the information being shown on a website.
  • Processes such as email campaigns can be set up to respond automatically on specific dates or time intervals or based on specific website visitor behaviors.
  • Internet Marketing reaches beyond local, state, country and continental borders reaching the entire world at the same time.
  • Most Internet Marketing Tactics can be easily measured using website analytics programs – many of which are completely free of charge. This allows you to track and tweak campaigns to improve response or try various ad placements and measure their click-through rates.
  • Internet Advertising and Marketing is one of the most obvious sections of the Internet marketing category. Ads or sponsorships can be placed directly onto websites that you know are visited by your target audience. Pay Per Click Ads through Google, Yahoo or Bing are options to either place your ad on search pages based on the keywords used in the search or on websites based on the content of the website pages. Adsense is a way that you can generate income from your high-traffic website by allowing Google to place ads in a specific area.

Another way to employ Internet marketing is to be perceived as a subject matter expert in your field. This can be done through blogging, participation in online forums, publishing articles in e-zines, and online webinars. The key is creating content that contains the keywords and keyword phrases that your target customer would be searching for on the Internet so that those potential customers are led to your website.

Last but not least, we have to discuss your website – the online face of your business to the entire world. Many companies make the mistake of building a website, then thinking that the project is complete. It just doesn’t work that way.

In order to engage your audience and rank well with search engines, your website needs to be dynamic – providing valuable and timely information that is updated at least on a monthly if not weekly or daily basis. The website must also contain the “behind the scenes” technical details that improve search engine rankings and provide website analytics. Link-building and listings in online directories are also key ways to drive traffic to your website.

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