Special Categories

Special Marketing Categories

Special marketing categories consist of many marketing tactics that are important but just didn’t fit into one of the other categories.
For example: how would you categorize the marketing tactic “Copywriting”? It could go in any of the other categories because almost every marketing tactic needs copywriting.

How about “Offers,” “Can’t Refuse Offer,” or “One Time Offers”.
All of these are important aspects of creating any marketing campaign.

You get the idea, every tactic in the Special Category relates to some other part of your marketing plan.
Each by itself plays an important role in your marketing. In fact, quite a few of these tactics are included in almost every marketing plan template.

Every business must collect competitive ads, understand the lifetime value of a client and ask for testimonials. Plus have a clear understanding of selling techniques, accept credit cards and have marketing goals.

So take a few minutes, view the list of special marketing tactics to the right. Read many of the detailed descriptions, then start adding to your marketing plans the special marketing tactics that are important to you and your business.


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