"Advertising is salesmanship in print" - Albert Lasker

Remembering that media now encompasses not just print, but radio, the TV, outdoor advertising and the Internet, that definition still stands.

Advertising is salesmanship used to attract attention to your product, service, idea or business. Anywhere that a future client may be influenced by seeing or hearing information about your company, product or service is an advertisement. The category extends beyond print, radio and TV ads into logo giveaway items, event sponsorships, logo clothing, signage and much, much more.

Many different types of advertising can be effective and it is recommended that companies test a variety of advertising techniques to increase the likelihood of reaching their target customer and creating multiple impressions. Market researchers estimate that it takes 7-10 impressions to turn a potential customer into a sale, so the more ways that you can put your message in front of your target audience, the better.

What advertising methods are right for your business? Think about your audience. Are they young and technically savvy or stressed for time and more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend or colleague? Are you advertising something that people purchase on a daily basis or an item that is purchased only a few times in a lifetime? Are you advertising to consumers or businesses? All of these factors influence where and when you place advertisements.

And please keep this in mind, bad advertising is advertising which doesn't sell (and an amazing amount doesn't) or is aimed at satisfying the egos of those who create or run it - the business owner - more than making sales.

Traditional forms of advertising include signage, yellow pages listings and newspaper advertising.
Newer forms of advertising include pay per click advertising on the Internet.

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