Branding refers to how you differentiate your company, product or service from your competitors.

The branding is the 'character' or personality of your product, service or firm, as opposed to what it is. Is it efficient? Or friendly? Or cheap? Or a luxury?

Are you the low price leader, the product innovator, the trendsetter, the customer service leader?

Take a step back, look at both your company and the competition and decide what makes your product or service different. Dig deep, look for the hidden benefits of doing business with you. Then find ways to communicate that difference simply and concisely to your target customer.

Here are some questions to ask that can help you discover your branding:

  • What is your customer really buying from you? Maybe you have a product that can be purchased many places but customers come to you due to customer service, perceived value or the selling environment.
  • How is your product or service different from the competitors? identify those product details such as features, larger selection higher quality or better value that give you a competitive advantage.

Once you’ve determined a positioning statement for your product or service, you can use Branding tactics to get that message out to potential customers.

A complete list of Branding Tactics is Right: