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Variable Data Printing Boosts Your Odds For Success

Variable Data Printing Boosts Your Odds For Success

Author: Vikram Kumar

Sending out mailings can be a great way to help bring in new business. Whether you mail to existing customers of your business or are prospecting for new customers, sending printed direct mail can help to raise awareness of your business.

Traditionally however, the success rate for direct mail marketing has not been great. You have to mail thousands of postcards or flyers to get a few responses. With the avalanche of mail that arrives in most mailboxes each day, it is hard to get your potential new customers to focus on your advertisement or promotion.

However, the latest trend in direct marketing, “personalized” or “variable data”, is proving to generate much higher return rates and deliver new customers to businesses that use variable data technology. Studies have shown that when personalized mail is sent to a consumer, businesses will receive a higher response rate than with simple generic printing.

Many businesses hesitate to try using variable data printing mainly because they do not understand how it works. Using variable data printing is not difficult however if you turn to the right source.
Most printers are capable of producing high volume “static” (identical) printed documents. This is because those printers will create a metal plate that is used in their press. Every revolution of the plate on the press creates another copy of the document. If you want to variable data on each and every sheet that comes off the press you must turn to digital printing. Because digital printing uses a laser to “write” a latent image on a photo sensitive drum each revolution of the drum can contain a different version (variable data) of the same document.
Not all printers offer variable data printing. If you are interesting in using variable data printing to market your business you need to find a printer who specializes in variable data printing. Not only must that printer have digital printing equipment but they must also have the expertise to set up your documents to handle variable data.
The statistics show that only 2% of the individuals who receive generic mailings will respond to them. This can be a way to help you drive up business, although it will be a rather ineffective one.
You will have a better chance of making a lasting impression with the variable data printings. If you can not only include an individual's name on the printing which you send them, but a piece of data about themselves, you will show the reader that you have taken the time to do your research. That can help convince them that you will take the time needed to provide them with quality service.
It's always important to make sure that you have a high quality printing at your disposal, even if you are not a business who will often need to use printed items. Variable data printing can also be helpful, whether you are sending out letters or preparing for a company meeting.
You will need to know what source to turn to if you want to have the best quality products in the end, and this is why it is important to find a high quality, local printer who is capable of providing variable data printing to your business.
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