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How Many Times Do You...

How many times do you have to contact a prospect before you can close a sale?

Research has shown that the average consumer needs to be exposed to a product or service at least seven times before s/he decides to buy it. I don’t know why it takes so many contacts to close a sale, but it seems to work this way. 

How many times have you bought something that had an insert card or owners guide that said “Congratulations on your smart purchase?” People need to be assured that they will not regret making a purchase. Especially after they’ve gone through a long decision making process, or when they’ve made a large pur¬chase like a home, an automobile, or even a refrigerator.

Personally, I send a “Thank You Note” every time I make a sale to a new client, letting him/her know that I greatly appreciate his/her business. Reassurance is everything.

Since it typically takes seven contacts to close a deal, you want each of your sales letters and other contacts to bring your prospects a little closer to buying your products/services. You shouldn’t do this by repeating the same message over and over again. This gets boring and won’t generate a positive response. Too many businesses make this mistake. But what you need to DO is continue to expand on the benefits of your products/services. Continue to explain what’s in it for your prospects when they buy from your business.

Each contact should expand and add a little more to what you have told them in the previous benefit message.  Keeping your prospective clients interested is the key to bringing them to a decision to buy.

What are you doing to keep your products/services interesting to your prospective customers?