Marketing Tips, Tactics and Secrets

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What Marketing Secret?

What type of business do you have?

You may be in the manufacturing business, or own a retail store, or sell insurance, or provide personal pet care. You may have a store that sells actual “carry-out” items, or your company may provide training services.

The type of business that you operate is important, but you need to keep in mind that no matter what type of business that you have, you are always in the business of Marketing and Sales. You are also the CEO of your business. The captain, leader the visionary.

The dictionary defines the word “market” (the verb, or action form of the word) as “to offer for sale” or “to sell.” So “marketing” is the action of offering your products or services for sale and/or the action of selling them.

You see, it doesn’t really make a difference what you are selling. What matters is that you understand that you are not merely in the business of whatever it is that you do... you are in the business of marketing and selling whatever it is that you offer!

I’ll say it again in a different way:  the business that you actually end up generating from your clients, customers, or patients is secondary to the fact that acquiring those customers in the first place is the single most important activity that you’ll ever undertake!

Getting clients is the name of the game, and “marketing” is the tool that will get you clients.

The ultimate purpose of every marketing effort, both big and small, is to attract and/or retain clients.

What are you doing to actively market your business?