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What Guarantees Do You Offer?

People always will have some doubts about what you are selling.

Even if you are able to show with sincere conviction that you can solve their problems, it still might not be enough to close the sale. 

You are at a disadvantage from the start.

People must desire your products/services more than they desire an equal amount of their money. However, if you include a fantastic, solid guarantee, it can make a dramatic difference in your marketing response and closing rate.
Satisifacation Guaranteed The best guarantee that can be offered is a full, lifetime, no-questions-asked refund or replacement guarantee. If your product/service fails for any reason, it will be replaced or refunded. This guarantee removes the most risk from the client by putting that risk on you.

“Stand behind everything you do.
‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’ will make all the difference.” 

- Sam Walton

Now, I have to point out here that there always will be someone who will abuse a powerful guarantee like this.

However, if what you sell is of high quality and value and you stand by what you sell, then the additional sales easily will offset the few occasions on which you will need to honor your guarantee. I advise you to add 1-2% to the price of your products to offset the cost of the times that you will need to honor your guarantee.

How well do you stand behind your products/services?