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Top Ten Fast Internet Marketing Tips for 2010

 Top Ten Fast Internet Marketing Tips for 2010

It’s been another fast-paced year on the Internet. Just when we though it was safe to venture out with our marketing plan, Google introduces Google Wave, Microsoft launches Bing and tells us it’s joining forces with Yahoo.

So to clear our minds, we came up with Ten Easy Internet Marketing Tips we know to be true, so it doesn’t matter how you choose to go about it, you’ve got some facts to go on: 

  • SEO is important, but there are many things you can do yourself before you decide to blow the budget on a specialist. Think well-written content, regular updating and getting people to link to you.
  • Email newsletters work if you divide up your target audiences (where possible), check the statistics and include a “call to action”. Overall, finding new ways to communicate with your customers is a good thing as long as your copywriting is good. If it isn’t, find some help here.
  • Blog, but only if you’re an expert! You probably have it in you if you’re passionate about your subject. Blogs are unique and give followers the opportunity to get a feel for you, your business and the way you work.
  • Statistics. The brilliant thing about Internet marketing is that everything is trackable. If you don’t do it already, get Google Analytics on your website, it’s free.
  • Get your business on Google Local Business Centre.
  • Introduce video into your websites, blogs and emails. The search engines love rich content like video and it’s very low cost to do. Use YouTube to get started and link back to your website.
  • Venture into social networking. It’s not going away and as more of us “sit” in our social network of choice, be it Facebook, Twitter or one you’ve created – they’re a whole new channel to market to. You can set up a Facebook Business Page, which is public (so Google will find it), and promote what you do to gain “fans”. Remember to add a “Find Us on Facebook” (or whichever social networks you’re using) button on your website.
  • Offer information that people want to read, not just what you want to sell to them. We’ve got many writing tools at our disposal now and the Internet has made it possible to share more information (for free) than ever before.
  • Other free giveaways are a hit and remarkably easy to do. Can you provide articles about your product/services/subject that people sign up to receive? Can you create a free download or other value added content?
  • Remember that any PR you do “off” line can be tweaked and used online too. Add a press release into a news section on your website, tweet about your event or update your wall on Facebook to tell fans what’s new.