Marketing Tips, Tactics and Secrets

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Marketing Ideas for Sales Pros

Here are a few ideas for Sales Professionals and Newbies to help close more deals


  1. Start every day with two cold calls.

  2. Read newspapers, business journals and trade publications for new business openings and for personnel appointment and promotion announcements made by companies. Send your business literature to appropriate individuals and firms.

  3. Give your sales literature to your lawyer, accountant, printer, banker, temp agency, office supply salesperson, and advertising agency.

  4. Put your fax number on order forms for easy submission.

  5. Set up a fax-on-demand or email system to easily distribute responses to company or product inquiries.

  6. Follow up on your direct mailings, email messages and broadcast faxes with a friendly telephone call.

  7. Try using the broadcast fax or email delivery methods instead of direct mail. Broadcast fax and email allows you to send the same message to many locations at once. Make certain that these messages are sent to potential or actual clients and that they provide an option to opt out from future messages. Otherwise, they may be considered spam, which is a negative message about your business.

  8. Using broadcast fax or email messages to notify your customers of product service updates.

  9. Extend your hours of operation.

  10. Reduce response/turnaround time. Make reordering easy with reminders. Provide pre-addressed envelopes.

  11. Display product and service samples at your office.

  12. Let clients know about products and services you provide that they aren't currently buying.

  13. Call and/or send mail to former clients to try to reactivate them.

  14. Take sales orders over the Internet.

Try one per week, see what works best for you and keep doing what's working. Always testing to constant improvement.