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Linkedin Tip - How to send free "inmail" to anyone on Linkedin.

Linkedin Tip - How you can send a free "inmail" to anyone on Linkedin without knowing his or her e-mail address?

Here’s a simple marketing tactic you can use to quickly and easily send an “inmail” to anyone in Linkedin without bothering to go through your two, three or six degrees of separation.

Also, use this tip when you have run out of the "inmails" in your business or business plus account.

So, first check out the profile of the person you're interested in.

Next, check out to see which, if any, groups they belong to.

Now, join one of those groups.

Finally, you’ll send an inmail to them from within the group, by searching and locating the person (member) you want to connect with, clicking on or rolling over that persons listing or picture, a box will appear, then click on “Send a message”, and you know what to do next.

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