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Here Is Your New Year Marketing Checkup Checklist. 9 Quick Tips

Here are 9 Quick Tips checklist to help you get your marketing program off to a clean start.

Quick Tip #1. Update your Copyright notice on your website and info products.

Quick Tip #2. Check your opt-in forms to be sure that they are working.

Quick Tip #3. Review your marketing sequence/auto-responder letters to be sure that there are no 2011 or other date-sensitive

Quick Tip #4. Update your marketing calendar to reflect any changes that you’ve “just done” in 2011. Now is the time to update your plan with the changes that you’ve made throughout the year.

Quick Tip #5. Review your marketing metrics and see what worked well and what didn’t and what might be fading.

Quick Tip #6. Review your keywords for relevance. Keyword popularity changes so take some time now and review your meta keywords and your meta descriptions

Quick Tip #7. Check your links and images on your website. Make sure that everything is working.

Quick Tip #8. Look at your last years goals and your accomplishments. Where did you exceed your goals? Where did you fall short? What can you do this year to take your business to the next level.

Quick Tip #9. Clean up your list. Your Opt-outs, bounces, etc. Remove these from your list.

Tips list reprinted with permission from:
Jeff Rutowski