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Daily Internet Marketing Plan

Daily Internet Marketing Plan

Are you spending enough time marketing your online business?

Yes, there’s lots to do, but if you break your internet marketing program up into small manageable tasks that you can accomplish on a regular basis, it becomes much easier.

Take a look at this example of an effective daily Internet Marketing Plan.

Ah, the traditional start of the work week. Usually the busiest day on any working person’s calendar, by Sunday evening, Monday morning can loom like a great beast waiting to devour all of your time. Not when you work for yourself – at least, not if you do things the right way!

As far as marketing goes, you might want to limit what you do to reach other people who are just as busy as you are. Instead, do some behind-the-scenes work.

Take a look at your website statistics. Weekends tend to be popular days for consumers to buy online and you might find some interesting data to help narrow your marketing efforts. Did you experience a high bounce rate? Was a particular item you sell more popular than others? Did you see an increase in traffic due to a holiday or event? What’s being said on the social media sites you frequent and could you capitalise on one of those topics related to your own business?

Take a half hour to update all your social networking sites with a fresh micro-blog post.

This is a good day for venturing forth and posting and blog commenting. Go back to your social networking sites and see if anyone has left a comment on your posts. Scan through the posts made by your network of friends and find at least three or four to comment on.

Find a new site to add your profile. Spend an hour or so updating your information, adding a photo, and looking for friends. Remember that you will need to add this new site to your list of social networking profiles you maintain. If you don’t currently keep a spreadsheet with your user name and password, this is a good time to start.

Write an article with a link to your website. Rewrite several versions of the same piece and then submit them to article directories. If you are not already a member at several sites, sign up to become a regular contributor.

Use the same topic of your article to write a blog post. Spend a few minutes submitting it to social bookmarking sites. While you are there, find interesting content from others that you can Digg, Stumble, re-Tweet, or leave a comment on.

Do some link building. Revisit one of your older blog posts and use the free version of Fast Blog Finder to find other blogs where you can leave a comment and a link back to your site. While you’re visiting, ask the owner if you can write a guest post for a future date.

Visit a forum where you are a member. Glance through the threads and find one where you can contribute intelligently to the conversation.

Take a look at your pay-per-click advertising campaign or your affiliate marketing statistics. Take note of any data that indicates concern. If you need to make changes, now is the time to do it before you get a rush of weekend traffic to your site.

Post again on your social networking sites and blog. Give your network a reason to remember you when they have time to do some shopping.

You don’t need to work all day, but this might be a good day to start working on new online video content for your site. Entreat friends or family members to help you produce it, provide music, or function as actors.

You should have at least one day per week when you don’t do any internet marketing work. Take a break, you deserve it. Start fresh again on Monday.

While this particular Internet Marketing Plan may or may not be right for you, as you can see, a few minutes a day could make a big difference in your site’s search engine optimisation and that there are enough things to do on a daily basis to keep you growing your business and your profits.

Sticking to a solid Internet Marketing Plan could have lasting effects and before you know it, you could need to spend just a fraction of this amount of time to keep the profits flowing in. 

Have a most outstanding day.

Sean Rasmussen
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