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12 Great Ways to Stay in Front of Your Customers

Here are 12 easy ways you can do to boost your marketing, management of your career or business.

To get the ball rolling, let’s look at 12 great ways to stay in front of your customers more this year

#1. Make more offers to them.
Yes, marketing 101 for many readers, however, a buyer is a buyer. They’re already sold on us, so make it a goal to add more value, save them time, and allow them to spend more money with you.

#2. Mail handwritten thank you notes.
Timeless, yet so few people do it. They connect with people and are always appreciated and remembered.

#3. Set up a Fan Page on Facebook.
It’s gotten much easier and it’s also a low cost way to engage, share, and promote your message to your biggest fans, referral partners and prospects.

#4. Use an eletter.
Educating and keeping people informed is a non-negotiable. If your business is out-of-sight, it’s also out-of-mind and that’s not a good place to be.

#5. Have a contest.
People love a challenge and being rewarded for their time, effort and input. Make sure you offer cool prizes that get people excited, talking, and thinking about what you and your business.

#6. Host a client appreciation event.

It’s amazing the positive impact these have with customers when planned and thought out properly. Don’t be cheap, have fun with the event and also look to partner with key suppliers and referral partners to help co-promote and fund the event.

#7. Step up your community outreach.
When your visible people take notice. Encourage your people to become active within the community and causes that they are passionate about.

#8. Have fun with your marketing and communications.
If you get people smiling, you often get them buying. Incorporate fun into your marketing and reveal this positive shade of your business. Most businesses are boring and often forgotten.

#9. Do theme related promotions.
Tap into what people are talking about and build a bridge with your product or service promotions. Piggyback on key trends, holidays, sporting events, and other calendar related opportunities. Hint: In 5-weeks it will be Super Bowl Sunday.

#10. Share good news.
Let people know about the positive things going on within your business, your employees, and customer’s lives. Again, people seek out and enjoy good news.

#11. Join groups, clubs or associations they’re in.
Networking is essential. From trade groups, chambers of commerce, to local service clubs, there are a wide range of options for you to congregate and become active within groups that your best customers are members of.

#12. Thank customers daily for their business.
Similar to point #2, we must never take business for granted. The customer signs our paychecks. In the age of digital and intense competition, they have lots of options and can easily choose to go somewhere else if they feel their patronage and referrals are being taken for granted.