Public Relations


Write Book

Write A Book.

You are a subject matter expert in your field, right? That is why you run your own business.

One great strategy that gives you credibility and sets you apart from your competitors is to publish what you know.

People are always looking to experts for answers that will bring them success – in business and life. Your product or service uniquely fills a need in the marketplace.

Writing a book that provides unique solutions to a problem or set of problems and fills a need in the marketplace, provides you with a tremendous marketing tool.

Plan on using this tool to let your audience know that you are the only solution to their problem. Make sure it is prominent in everything you do, from your website to your ads and collateral materials. 

You'll gain a competitive edge. With increased credibility and visibility.  You'll leverage your existing expertise. Many authors report that they have secured new clients because of their books. If you are an independent consultant that has become an suthor, you might consider charging a little more. People will pay extra for expertise.

Leave a legacy, and make your family proud.

Budget: $1,000 - $45,000