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Web-based tools

Web-based Tools: Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and a host of other commercial organisations provide an increasing range of free or low-cost tools including email, calendars, word processing, and spreadsheets that can be used on the web rather than your desktop.

This also allows access to accounts and workspaces from any internet based device.

Provided you are open to entrusting  your data to being hosted by these organisations - and always have access to a device to get online when working - you can reduce your software costs significantly and forget about upgrades. 

Google has introduces 'GEARS,' which are a downloadable tool that allows one to access these documents if not online.  

Some say this model is going to be the leading direction of the future. These web based tools allow anyone to access them, regardless of operating system or system version.

Also, they ability to contribute and collaborate can be done quickly and in some cases in real time.

Web-based tool are perfect for collaboration between businesses, teams and employees. Many of the tool offer update tracking, simple editing and easy project management.

In fact, it makes a lot of sense to plan on using and sharing these tool to help create reports, advertising, business and marketing plans. Plus all the other paperwork, spreadsheets, and planning that goes into most projects.

Budget: $100 - 250 weekly