Internet Marketing


Web Order Pages

A website order page is the page your client goes to, to complete a transaction and purchase your product/service.

When you click the Order Now button on a landing page, you are taken to an order page describing the offer and allowing you to place your order online.

Statistics show that order forms integrated with websites will result in a lower rate of shopping cart abandonment and a higher percentage of closed sales.

A properly branded order page fosters the customer perception that the company they're getting ready to buy from is reputable, professional, and most of all that they can be trusted by the customer.

Different e-commerce providers have different solutions for order page customization. The solutions vary, providing options to fully brand their order pages.

You'll need to decide to what extent they wish to brand your order pages, but bear in mind that statistics clearly show that branded order pages can increase sales by as much as 10-15% so at the very least, make sure your logo or company name is on your oeder page

If you are unsure of the extent to customize, consider conducting an "A/B split test" between a fully branded order page and a generic order page, and see which one generates the most closed sales.

Budget: $250 - $500 monthly