Social Media Marketing



Video marketing using social media.

Many digital cameras and mobile phones take videos good enough to view on the Net. If you want to create higher quality videos, buy a digital video camera, most, that have Internet quality can be found for under $200

Sites like YouTube and  make it simple to open an account, upload and share your videos. These sites will also provide some unique code for each video so you can, if you wish, embed the video in a blog post. And you can group your video messages based on subject, catagory or any way you want to present your information.

Short interviews that “capture the moment” work well, particulary if you provide a text summary so people can easily decide whether or not to view.

Now, here's the beauty of Video. It demonstrates. Shows in full living color the proof that what you are offering iw real ans works as promsed.

However, check whether the audience you are aiming at is likely to have a fast enough Internet connection, and up to date browser, to view your video easily.  It's probably now an issue, but something to think about.

Videos are great for spur of the moment presentations of your products, services and ideas. Your production does not have to be perfect. Just make sure you are delivering great valuable information or your viewer will never watch your videos again.

One thing to keep in mind with YouTube, they automatically create the still image of your video from the half way point of your presentation. So, make sure you have a good idea of what your still image will look like. I've even made sure to put marketing text at the halfway point.

Now, ask yourself and you team who do we want to watch these videos, and what do we want to tell them?

This is the most important part of the process, becasue if you don't answer these questions yiou could be wasting a lot of time and money. Take the time to brainstrorm many ideas, and then see if it meets the following criteria:

  • Can I get my message across fast. In seven minutes or less?
  • Am I adequately marketing the product, service and idea without being annoying?
  • Does the video consistent with the corporate strategy?
  • Is it possible that my viewer would watch it and want to share with others?
  • If the viewer does not buy from me, will the video still bring some value to their life?
  • Would the video be different from what's been in done in past?

After you have created your video, now what?

How about using to marketing your message by distrubuting your video content all over the web. Let face it, the Internet is cluttered with tools, toys, and social networks offering the same  things, TubeMogul is a tool to bookmark as a fast go-to resource.

Simply set up an account. Next, create and attach you accounts with all the other major video websites. After inputting the necessary login information, you'll simply upload your video to TubeMogul, and they'll take care of sending it to all the other sites.They even change the format if it's needed to conform to that sites specs.

Budget: $300 one time for video recorder. 
Creating & editing videos: $250 - 750 week