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Video Marketing

A memorable message  is essential  for personal & business success. Impactful communication starts with effective message development.Who are you?   Why you do what you do?   What do   you stand for?

For business to business  , the most effective and clear statement of your value is in a well crafted video message, that is targeted to your key contacts/prospects,  and integrated into your overarching marketing tool kit as one of the tactics in reaching your objectives.

Creating Heart Share and Mind Share
Every business has a story to tell and every individual has a reason for being. No matter what you do, if you get up each day with the objective to make your business better, you must deploy  quality communication materials that express who you are, what you do and why you do it.

It's about revealing the passion behind your organization and it's as much about WHY  you do what you do, as it is about what you make possible through your products, services or mission. A well crafted video message in support of a communication campaign  does just that, and links the message to the mind of the recipient like no other tool in your marketing portfolio. A well crafted video message,  commands  the emotional intelligence that leads to the creation of Heart Share and Mind Share.

You created your new video, NOW WHAT?
Imagine all of your marketing efforts as reinforcing your brand. And even if you are setting up shop in the garage, once you start a business of your own, you are starting a brand.
Today you need to publish your video message, clearly, affordably, and on an ongoing basis.  And then you need to leverage these video stories into all of the online tools available,  in order that you are found and viewed. Ultimately  it is message retention and the action step that will drive your prospect to learning more about you and your business.

Fulfilling the Promise.
When a video is well thought out and professionally produced for you, it communicates a statement of quality and authenticity In effect, your Video serves as your video DNA, and becomes a signpost of quality, integrity, and merit.

Cutting through the Clutter. Simplicity.
By crafting quality video productions, you are  delivering your video DNA and establishing your video persona consistently and memorably.

By creating a series of video messages and stores, you are sharing your persona with your target audience and building the emotional intelligence that will lead to long term business to business relationships.

Video story telling positions you, and your brand as a competitive alternative.  Knowing this, it is  clear that meaningful Video messaging  reduced to its  essence is not just a good idea. It is a fundamental for good business.


Article reprinted with permission:
by Bill Goldsmith